CS 335: Computer Ethics


  • Read slashdot.org every day <--
  • Read first two chapters from text
  • Read though chapter 4
  • First test will be on Monday, 3 November (Covers first 4 chapters)
  • notes on line click here if at UIC or if you are off-campus then click here
  • test with solutions click here


  • Technological forces
  • Ethics underpinnings
  • Networking
  • Intellectual Property
  • Privacy
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computer Reliability
  • Professional Ethics

Course work

The course work consists of:

  • Papers
  • Quizes
  • Test/final

Academic integrity

Students who are caught cheating will immediately fail the course, and have the cheating recorded in their record. You are not to look at anyone else's written work or to allow anyone to look at yours. You may discuss concepts, but only in general terms.