Donations to the Solworth Writing Fund

The Ethos project consists of almost 100,000 lines of code, and this does not include publications, web pages, etc. This code must be written, test, read, and analyzed. It is a time consuming and exhausting process. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

How to donate.

Write a check to Jon A. Solworth. (If you make it out to Jon A. Solworth Writing Fund, I'll have to send your check back.) University mail is slow and unreliable, so mail the check to

Jon A. Solworth Writing Fund
340 West Diversey, #620
Chicago, IL 60657

Please include a separate sheet saying (1) which of my current projects you like and (2) any suggestions for how you'd like me to direct my future efforts.

United States tax deductibility. Donations to the Writing Fund are not tax-deductible.

Public acknowledgments. Donors will be listed at in up-to-$100, $100-to-$500, $500-to-$1000, $1000-to-$5000, and $5000-and-up categories. Write ``private'' in the memo section of your check (or at the end of the PayPal Subject line) if you would like ``Anonymous'' to appear in the public acknowledgments instead of your name.