The Advanced Programming Seminar Series

A weekly discussion, sponsored by the Center for RITES.

Schedule of Talks

  • January 25th, Developing a New Software Product by Dr. Leland Wilkinson (23 attended)
  • February 1st, Ethos Development by Mike Petullo (25 attended, recording)
  • February 8th, iPhone Development by Dr. Eriksson (59 attended)
  • February 15th, OSGi by Cosmin Stroe (30 attended)
  • February 22nd, no session
  • February 29th, Automatically fixing SQL-injection errors by Dr. Venkatakrishnan (27 attended)
  • March 7th, no session
  • March 14th, Agda by Alan Jeffrey of Bell Labs (24 attended)
  • March 21st, no session
  • March 28th, Git by Xu Zhang (28 attended)
  • March 4th, no session
  • March 11th, no session
  • April 18th, no session
  • April 25th, Android Development by Dr. Buy (47 attended)

Possible Future Topics

  • PlanetLab
  • make and other build tools
  • Revision control systems
  • Autotools
  • Scala


The Advanced Programming Seminar Series meets each Wednesday from 12-1:00pm in SEO 1000. Each week, a seminar participant leads a discussion related to system programming; topics may include debugging, profiling, packaging, revision control, and programming language techniques for developing reliable system software. Pizza is provided.

The purpose of the seminar is three-fold:

  1. Sharing knowledge about relevant topics
  2. Improving students' ability to present technical material
  3. Increasing the interaction between our computer science labs

A typical session will include:

  • A prepared, 30–40-minute talk presented by a student (or faculty member)
  • 10 minutes of questions
  • A quick critique of the presentation
  • A social period for the remaining scheduled time

Please email the coordinator W. Michael Petullo if you are interested in presenting a topic or have any questions.

Information Approval Curriculum accredited by CNSS gratefully acknowledge funding by National Science Foundation

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