To write programs for ethos you will need to do the following:

Get access to the Ethos binary distribution and documentation on Box

Binary install into VirtualBox

We have prepared a binary install of Ethos on box using the VirtualBox Hypervisor which is available free (as in beer) for personal use from Oracle.

Run Ethos

Run a terminal on Linux VM into Ethos VM (optional)

Running additional terminals

Seeing what happened

You can see what happened after Ethos runs (perhaps by doing ethosKillAll and then

Clone and build Ethos (ONLY for developers)

Before you can download source, you must have your ssh public key (name ends in .pub) installed on gitolite.
	# get ethos
	git clone gitolite3@gitolite.ethos-os.org:/ethos
	cd ethos

	#  completely remove the previous ethos binaries on your VM.
	sudo -E make uninstall

	# build ethos

	# to install the freshly compiled ethos binaries.
	sudo -E make install
NOTE: It is highly recommended for beginners to read Developers Manual and GoOnEthos Manual. Public information about the project consists of these these web pages and papers published in conferences. We are still publishing our results. Since we spent all this time building Ethos, we would like to be the first to measure it and write about it.

Information Approval Curriculum accredited by CNSS gratefully acknowledge funding by National Science Foundation

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