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We need students and open source developers with strong system skills to help us build and evaluate Ethos. See needed background.

Primary Investigators




  • Vineet Menon
  • Isaac Perez
  • Fernando Visca
  • Giovanni Gonzaga



  • Manigandan Radhakrishnan, Summer 2008 (VMware/Amazon).
  • W. Michael Petullo, "Rethinking Operating System Interfaces to Support Robust Network Applications", Summer 2013 (West Point)


  • Satya Popuri, M.S. project, Fall 2008 (VMware)
  • Prasad Patil, M.S. project, 2009
  • Ashwin Ganti, M.S. project, "Strong Distributed Authentication", Fall 2009 (Google)
  • Sunil Shivanand, M.S. project, "Porting Python Interpreter to Ethos" Fall 2009 (Cisco)
  • Arjan Xeka, M.S. project, Spring, 2010 (Amazon)
  • Wiktor Lukasik, M.S. project, "Python 2.6 on Ethos" Fall 2010
  • Ameet S. Kotian, M.S. project, "Implementing a Network Stack for Ethos", Fall 2010
  • Francesco Costa, M.S. project, Spring 2012 (Google)


  • Andrei E. Warkentin, Spring 2008 (Microsoft/VMware)
  • Andrew Trumbo
  • Patrick Gavlin (Microsoft)
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