The Paper Reading Seminar


The Paper Reading Seminar meets on each Wednesday from 1:00pm - 2:00pm in SEL 4224. Each week we select a paper which covers system issues, security issues or any other interesting topics from various conferences or journals. We will read around 4 papers on each theme. The people attend the seminar need to read the paper in advance. At the beginning of the seminar, a person gives a short summary of the paper first, then followed by the discussion including all attendees.

Previous Semesters

Paper List by Themes

  • Content Distribution System
    1. Globally Distributed Content Delivery (dilley02globalContentDelivery). John Dilley, Bruce Maggs, Jay Parikh, Harald Prokop, Ramesh Sitaraman and Bill Weihl. Sep. 12, 2012 (Presented by Siming)
    2. The Akamai Network: A Platform for High-Performance Internet Applications (nygren10akamaiInternetApplications). Erik Nygren, Ramesh K. Sitaraman and Jennifer Sun. Sep. 19, 2012 (Presented by Vineet)
    3. Should Internet Service Prividers Fear Peer-Assisted Content Distribution? (karagiannis05p2pContentDistribution) Thomas Karagiannis, Pablo Rodriguez, and Konstantina Papagiannaki. Sep. 26, 2012 (Presented by Yaohua)
  • Kernel
    1. Improving IPC by Kernel Design (liedtke93improvingIpc). Jochen Liedtke. Oct. 3, 2012 (Presented by Xu)
    2. Why Aren't Operating Systems Getting Faster As Fast As Hardware? (ousterhout90osFaster) John Ousterhout. Oct. 10, 2012 (Presented by Wenyuan)
    3. FlexSC: Flexible System Call Scheduling with Exception-Less System Calls (soares10systemCalls). Livio Soares and Michael Stumm. Oct. 17, 2012 (Presented by Vineet)
    4. SEDA: An Architecture for Well-Conditioned, Scalable Internet Services (welsh01scalableInternetService). Matt Welsh, David Culler and Eric Brewer. Oct. 24, 2012 (Presented by Xu)
    5. Why Events Are A Bad Idea (for high-concurrency servers) (vonBehren03events). Rob von Behren, Jeremy Condit and Eric Brewer. Oct. 24, 2012 (Presented by Xu)
  • OSDI 2012
    1. MegaPipe: A New Programming Interface for Scaleble Network I/O (han12megaPipe). Sangjing Han, Scott Marshall, Byung-Gon Chun and Sylvia Ratnasamy. Oct. 31, 2012 (Watched video)
    2. Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database (corbett12distributedDatabase). James Corbett et al. Nov. 7, 2012
    3. Improve Integer Security for Systems with Kint (wang12integerSecurity). Xi Wang, Haogang Chen, Zhihao Jia, Nickolai Zeldivich and M. Frans Kaashoek. Nov. 14, 2012
    4. Flat Datacenter Storage (nightingale12flatDatacenterStorage). Edmund B. Nightingale et al. Nov. 21, 2012
  • Network Security Interface
    1. The Most Dangerous Code in the World: Validating SSL Certificates in Non-Browser Software (georgiev12validateSslCertificate). Georgiev et al. Nov. 28, 2012 (Presented by Mike)
    2. Why Eve and Mallory Love Android: An Analysis of Android SSL (In)Security (fahl12androidSsl). Fahl et al. Dec. 5, 2012 (Presented by Vineet)
    3. A Cross-Protocol Attack on the TLS Protocol (mavrogiannopoulos12attackTls). Mavrogiannopoulos et al. Dec. 19, 2012
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